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Rapid 1000 - Block Machine
Rapide 1000 Ilmar

This model developed by Ilmar was specially conceived for those who wish to have an automatic machine with a semi-automatic circuit, without renouncing however to the quality and fast manufacture. Among the multiple advantages we point out the fact that this model can be converted into the 1250 model since they share the same structure; its easy and fast installation and reduced implementation area are other points in its favour. Considering the previous points and the fact that we can create several types of configuration of the circuit and also work with double layer, we can state that this model has the best price/quality relation of the market.

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Rapid 1250 - Block Machine
Rapide 1250 Ilmar

For those who want large high quality productions with a fully automatic machine, this is the ideal equipment. Thanks to a top computer control system, all the system, including the concreting unit, press, circuit and palletizer, only needs one person to operate the full installation. Based on the many years of expertise in this area, ILMAR developed this model with a vibration system considered revolutionary not only for its low maintenance but also for the cycle times provided, in the order of (10-13 sec.).

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Rapid 2000 - Block Machine
Rapide 2000 Ilmar

For very large productions, the Rapide 2000 model is the vanguard of technology. Fitted with the most recent technological advances, this totally automatic manufacturing unit only needs one operator for the full unit, including the concreting unit, press, circuit and palletizer. The Rapide 2000 reaches productions of approximately 30.000 blocks/day and approximately 1800 m2 of paving/day as result of its incredible compaction power and wide working area. The possibility of manufacturing pieces with 50 to 300mm height combined with the use of large size trays allows the manufacturing of a wide variety of pieces.

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