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In 1975 António da Silva Martins started his professional career, as sole proprietorship, in the metallurgic field, focused on the development of machinery for the manufacturing of concrete articles. His great success led to the set up of ILMAR - Fábrica de Máquinas para Artigos de Cimento Lda established in 1992, which has been, throughout the years, strengthening its image based on the success of its clients, because this is its motto. Currently with 19 years in the market and with tens of installations all over the country, ILMAR is becoming a reference brand and a market leader in Portugal.


"The success of our clients is our mission, hence the need of having a product that is financially competitive without renouncing to the quality of the materials, planning and manufacturing of all the equipments. All of the materials used by ILMAR are certified, according to the European quality standards, and therefore, all our suppliers are dully selected so we can guarantee the quality of the service rendered to our clients."
By: António da Silva Martins (Manager), Freamunde (Portugal), 2011

"The development of the manufacturing procedures and the use of cad-cam systems are a bet of the company and it aims at continuously improving its manufacturing and management procedures. Currently all of the manufacturing procedures are documented, analysed and computer reviewed for a higher guarantee of quality and satisfaction of our clients. With all these concerns, the internal training of our co-workers is a constant. Currently ILMAR is developing and implementing in all of its structure the ISO 9001:2008 standard, to once more guarantee to all of the interested parties the quality in all of our procedures as well as the reviewing and continuous improvement of the same. Currently the internationalization of our products and services is a goal, and we intend to reach a business volume of 30% to foreign market in 2011."
Por: Pedro Martins (Sales Director), Freamunde (Portugal), 2011


ILMAR machines equipped with state of the art technology.


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New unit for manufacturing of concrete prefabricated units in Angola.


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Batimatec 2012


ILMAR was present in the show BATIMATEC 2011 in Algeria that ran from 9th to 13th May. During the exhibition all the visitors had the opportunity to get to know better the products and services of the company. Many replica watch appearance parts ...


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