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Blocks' Machines

The range of Rapide products has its origin 20 years ago. These models were projected and continuously developed to meet the growing need of the precast industries in the rigour, quality of manufacture, development of new products and fast manufacturing procedures with reduced labour. Among the possible products we point out kerbs, pavers, blocks, hollow bricks etc... The range of Rapide machines is extremely versatile since it allows multiple configurations.

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Pipes' Machines

ILMAR’s Pipes and Shackles machines are the right choice for manufacturing pipes with diameter of 100 to 3000mm and with a maximum length of 1100mm.

These models have the capacity of adapting the force of vibration to the product intended to be manufactured through the use of high frequency converters. To operate all of the installation only two operators are needed: one to operate the machine and a second one to move the pieces into the drying area.

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Concrete Plants

Our line of mixers varies from 0.30 m3 to 1.5 m3 of vibrated concrete/cycle. All the models come standard with emergency start-up systems so that, in case of power outage, they restart even when full. All the interior of the mixers is lined with removable high resistance sheet steel 500HB.

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Cement Molds

The technology used in the manufacturing of ILMAR’s molds is the guarantee for a precise, robust and very long-lasting product. All the steels applied in our moulds are certified, according to the standards in force. The projection of all molds is made by the most advanced modelling systems and, together with the machinery on CNC equipments, these allow obtaining maximum precision and tolerance in all products. The processes used on the molds, allow granting the highest pattern of the market, with a toughness of about 68 Hcr.



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