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Rapide 2000 - vibroprensa automatizada
Ilmar - Rapide 2000 Block Machine Ilmar - Rapide 2000 Brick Machine

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Rapide 2000 Block Machine

What do you whish to manufacture today?

The Rapide 2000 processing line is a fully automatic manufacturing unit, with a production capacity of pieces from 50 to 300 mm height, allowing the manufacturing of a wide range of products for roads, garden, pavement, alveolar construction or decorative pieces.

In this unit is used a series of wooden trays with dimensions of 1350 x 1300 x 50 therefore allowing the manufacturing of a large number of heavy weight pieces by cycle.

To attain such performances the vibration becomes one of the essential points of the equipment. To guarantee a homogeneous vibration in all the worktable with the guarantee of a strong compaction of the concrete, ILMAR has the vibration system “Sync-4” specially conceived to compete with the highest quality standards worldwide, this vibration system is not only an innovation but a standard for all our high performance vibropresses.

Its strong structure and certified materials allow the use of very high compaction forces of approximately 230 KN, the hydraulic unit that comes standard with speed control modules allows extremely fast movements with very soft transitions therefore ensuring a longer durability and low maintenance of the equipment.


  • Robust structure to work under severe conditions with high reliability.
  • Electronic positioning system allowing a high accuracy on positioning of the clamp.
  • Adjustment of clamping force for each material.
  • High speed work independent of carry-load.
  • Electronic speed Control allowing a quick but smooth transition.
  • Possibility of rotation from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Translational Course variable according to the needs of each client.
  • Load capacity of 600 Kg.


  • Conveyors with robust construction to work under severe conditions.
  • Layout design for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lubrication unit for trays.
  • Automatic cleaning of product shavings.
  • Automatic cleaning of the trays.
  • Automatic tray vaulting allowing a uniform work surface in each of tray faces.
  • Pallets Warehouse with automatic discharge.
  • Apart of standard dimensions the circuit can be designed according to the needs of each client.
  • Possibility to integrate in automatic other options such as wrapping machines, strapping, palletizing robots etc.
  • Possibility to work at heights up to 12 levels.

Multi-finger car

  • Robust Structure for demanding operations.
  • Dedicated Hydraulic unit.
  • Control panel with intuitive interface and easy operation.
  • Vertical movement of the tower by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Electronic speed control of transverse and longitudinal displacement.
  • Electronic positioning system.
  • Ability to work with 12 highs reducing the implantation area of the dryer.
  • High load capacities of 12000kg.


This model also incorporates our most recent manufacturing management Software "Supervision 3.0", fully developed by ILMAR.

ILMAR - Block Machine Software ILMAR - Rapide 2000 Block Machine Software


1 Vibro press

2 Sound-proofing cabin

3 Roller conveyor

4 Elevator

5 Carrier carrige

6 Descensor

7 Extractor conveyor

8 Automatic palletizer

9 Pallets storage and injector

10 Roller conveyor

11 Strapping machine

12 Turner with pallet cleaner

13 Cross conveyor

14 Pallets storage and injector

15 Controller board

16 Curing racks

17 Concrete plant

18 Air wagon

19 Skip

20 Weighning conveyor belt

21 Cement silo

22 Aggregate bin

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